Van der Graaf Generator in Guastalla :: 29/07/2009
The concert of dreams. In Piazza Mazzini, free entrance, in the night of Guastalla tha Generator's energy that lit the seventies music scene is back...


Nic Potter in Guastalla :: 10-11/06/2006
Ex VdGG bass player Nic Potter gets back on stage with a band to perform his music after nearly 15 years from his latest concert. The show takes place open air in the wonderful Piazza Mazzini. Potter's band includes David Jackson, Tony Pagliuca, Gigi Cavalli Cocchi, Marco Olivotto, Franco Giaffreda and Francesca Arrigoni. The morning after the show the Students meet Potter, Jackson and Pagliuca for a long Q&A session (watch gallery)


Judge Smith in Guastalla :: 12-13/03/2005
Judge Smith meets the Students right after the mixing process of his new album The Full English is finished. There's a long Q&A session with the Group. After dinner we have a chance to listen to a world premier of the new material. Then Judge performs live with the help of Francis Tamarit and Pietro Poggi. Back to the roots of the Generator (watch gallery)


David Jackson in Guastalla :: 9-12/03/2004
David Jackson delivers the first course for Soundbeam operators and performs live on March 12th with the help of Tony Pagliuca (ex Le Orme keyboards player), Martin Mayes, Gigi Cavalli Cocchi and Francis Tamarit. The location is the ancient S.Francesco church in Guastalla (watch gallery)


Jackson in Guastalla DVD :: Giugno 2003
The double David Jackson Live in Guastalla DVD is out on Marco Olivotto's Labour of Love label

Peter Hammill in Firenze :: 17/05/2003
The concert, arranged by the "Tuscany branch" of the Study Group, is a huge success. The Universale show is introduced by a press conference and by a private meeting between PH and the Study Group students (watch gallery)


David Jackson in Guastalla :: 21-23/11/2002
An exceptional three days meeting with David Jackson, including didactic sessions with the teachers, therapy sessions with handicapped people and meeting with the Study Group Students. On top of all that, an amazing Jackson solo performance in the beautiful Teatro Ruggeri (watch gallery)


Peter Hammill & Stuart Gordon in Terni :: 30/11/2001
It's the first Peter Hammill show entirely arranged by the Study Group. It takes place in the beautiful Auditorium inside Palazzo Gàzzoli, with the help of Simone Mazzilli (watch gallery)

Peter Hammill & Stuart Gordon in Guastalla :: 04/04/2001
The beginning of all the Study Group saga: two Hammill lovers realize they can arrange a Hammill concert on their own and they get an amazing response from both the performers and the audience (watch gallery)