Who are we? People who appreciate VdGG, fans... but the kind who likes taking the initiative!

The Study Group is a gathering of People. People who share the same interest in the works of Van der Graaf Generator, and therefore strive to actively promote their interests, even beyond the strictly musical ones.

This “Study Group” kind of association might seem strange or even a little snobbish, but it simply sets itself apart from the typical “Fan Club” thanks to its cultural and at the same time productive attitude. It proposes to look for meanings and take actions, not just receiving idly whatever is given. Its goal is to bring together all the enthusiast – who frequently happen to be “hermits”, oblivious of each other’s existence and often even oblivious of the upcoming musical events – and to investigate and share specific aspects of VdGG’s works, such as the history of their exhibitions or the translation of the lyrics of their songs. It also aims to generate opportunities for the musicians to perform, in a way that is satisfactory to both the audience and the artists themselves.

The idea originates in the year 2002 from a couple of ordinary fans who, despite having no experience of showbusiness, just came out of a successful attempt at concert organization. The Study Group now comprises two generations of people, 20 to 50 years old, met either at concerts or on the web list Hammillitalia, a precious bridge thrown across the web by Paolo Carnelli in 2001. So the first goal we achived was to arrange "good shows", where both the performers and the audience are comfortable: a very hard task in today's live music reality. This was possibile also thanks to the quite simple technical settings a Hammill or Jackson show require, but we were able to arrange also a full VDGG shows in 2009.

Another important point is the promotion and the circulation of all kind of VDGG and Hammill related material (articles, reviews, essays, interviews) especially related to the link between VdGG and Italy. Also the first Hammill lyrics book (VDGG era) with italian translation and direct cooperation by Hammill himself was published in the summer of 2005 and it's now sold out. But the most important thing is to be able to share and be together, living the same passion and desire to wider the knowledge of these wonderful musicians. Until 2009, subscribing to the Study Group for only 25 euro a year, the Students were able to attend every year a Study Group event for free, and get well-timed news and info about tours or critical reviews and interviews related with the band.

Now, as VDGG are back together, the future is still to be discovered but we are excited to learn that with a little help something beautiful in "our" music world can happen. Just as Hammill used to sing in the 70s: “What choice is there left but to try ??”. Contact: